Beatrix Havergal (1901 – 1980)

Inspired Letters

No one has written a letter to Beatrix yet. Does her story inspire you? If so, why don’t you write to her?

Who was Beatrix Havergal?


Beatrix Havergal was an English horticulturist. In 1932 Beatrix Havergal founded Waterperry School of Horticulture, a residential horticultural college for women. She was appointed MBE in 1960, and was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Veitch memorial medal and Victoria medal of honour in 1966; she was also president of the Horticultural Education Association. She published little, though she took part in various radio programmes, and she took films of the work in the gardens from which a short video was made. She was liked and admired throughout the horticultural world and was well known to a wider public for her exhibits of strawberries at the Chelsea flower show, where she received fifteen gold medals. When she retired as principal in 1971, Waterperry Horticultural School closed, though there remain gardens and a nursery there.


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